Mouth-Watering Instant Noodle Hacks You Must Try!


Instant noodles just take you back to the good old university days; late night assignments and studies, having RM50 to last you for a week and living in a dorm or a rented room. Oh wait, it’s kind of like having a job and being an adult! Well, when you’re on a budget and you’re too lazy to cook up some actual food, there’s nothing like a 3-minute instant cup noodle to help ease the hunger at 12 AM. Of course, they’re not as filling as a home cooked meal.

But all is not lost. Thanks to these videos we found by Christina Viseu for some Asian style dishes and POPSUGAR food for a Western spin, your instant noodle meals will feel a little less sad. There are more options for you to amp up your meal. From Japanese curry complete with Nori sheets and vegetables to sesame sauce cold noodle salad topped with avocado and shredded chicken, you’ll be craving these meals in an instant!

Heads up, some of the meals may require an added 20 minutes to the actual time given but it’s worth it!

Check out the videos below:

Asian Style Instant Noodles

Western Style Instant Noodles