6 Bathroom Items You Should Be Changing Now!


Your bathroom is a place that’s moist and cold which quickened bacteria and mould breeding around the area like the wall, sink and mirror. Whatmore when your toiletries and tools used on an average of three times a day is exposed to this nasty growth as well. Leaving them uncleaned or not changing them more than required can cause you skin problems. To prevent this yucky business here are six items you definitely have to change!

1. Shower bath loofah/body brush

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They’re great for getting rid of dead skin cells revealing a smoother skin surface that’s soft as a baby’s butt. It also removes sweat molecules that may have had its time on your skin. Which is why you should switch your tool as those bad cells are trapped in the bristles or nooks and crannies of the sponge. Even gross when there’s fungus on them caused by the moist environment of your bathroom. Change them every three weeks!

2. Toothbrush

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I think most us don’t regularly change our toothbrushes as often as we should. Some even use them till the bristles are out of shape and don’t work as well anymore (seriously just throw it). It’s advised to change them every three months even if yours still look like it’s in good shape, they’re breeding grounds for bacteria. You should also change them after you’ve been sick according to Bath Planet.

3. Towels

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You should actually change your body, face and hand towels every three to four uses. If you notice your towels may start to have a musky smell after using especially if you don’t air it out properly, then it’s time to give them a wash. A dirty towel might cause acne on your face and back – so keep ‘em clean always!

4. Bath Mats

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Whenever your mats are soaked, hang ‘em outside. You should give them a wash every week to keep it germ-free especially if you live with more than one person. Choose one of those molecule floor mats that have high water absorbency. A good quality one can last you up to a year if you give it the proper care.

5. Shower Curtains

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All those water splashes on the curtain actually contribute to the breeding of moulds and mildew on your plastic shower curtain.  Throw them in the washer along with at least two dirty towels and set the washing machine to gentle wash. Mix half a cup of baking soda with your regular detergent during the wash mode. In the rinse mode, add half a cup of vinegar. Let it air dry. Keep in mind to always spread them out after every shower, as folds may cause rapid mould growth.

6. Soap Dish

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Keep your soap dishes free of soap scum by giving this handy DIY a go! Get rid of excess water from the dish by cutting a sponge into a half inch thick and shape it to fit your soap dish.  This sponge will help to absorb all the excess water, make sure to squeeze it out every day and change it every three weeks to keep it clean cos it can also be a breeding ground for bacterias too.