7 Ways To Jazz Up A Boring Office Desk


Your office desk is like your temporary comfort space at the office. You spend most of your hours and days sitting in a cubicle working your butt off. Even though going to work can sometimes be a drag, studies have shown that by personalising your workspace, you’ll be able to buffer all the environmental noise and distraction you’d normally get in an open office space. It gives you a sense of control over your space and encourages positive energy around you.

So we encourage you to decorate your workstation with knick-knacks, photos, stationaries that make you happy whilst keeping you productive and organised. Here are seven ways you spruce up your workspace.

1. Organised Drawer

Image: tumblr.com

Your table drawers can get very messy quickly if you don’t have a system for it. Get or recycle some old containers and rearrange them neatly in the drawers. The separated spaces allow you to organise your stationeries or ‘others’ neatly without it jumbling up in one messy drawer. You can label the containers if you’d like if you want an even more neat drawer.

2. A Touch Of Green

Image: etsy.com

Now you don’t have to cover your whole area with plants and dirt, just a touch of plants here and there can really bring life to your space. Look for plants that are indoor-friendly and requires very low maintenance so you won’t have to constantly think about whether it’ll die or not. Indoor plants like neon pothos, snake plant or aloe vera are great to have as they can help to clear the air around you, find ones that are small so you’re able to put on your desk. Succulents are great as well! If all else fails, a fake plant would work just as well.

3. Lego!

Lego might seem like child’s play but they are super handy when it comes to organising your wires. The picture above speaks for itself. You can find cute characters that you like or ones that resonate with you and stick ’em to a glued based to have it up and ready. Honestly, we can’t wait to head to the toy store to get our hands on of these!

4. Photos And Quotes

Image: homedit.com

It’s always nice to have all your favourite people around you even if they’re not physically there. Pick the best memories to surround yourself with happiness. On the topic of positivity, you can also display your favourite quotes or good notes/letters you get from friends, family or colleagues. There are so many ways you display them, a little search on Pinterest and you’ll be spoiled for choices!

5. Decorate Your Mood Board

We’re pretty sure you’ve got a board somewhere too stick all your notes or jot down tasks whether it’s a corkboard or a whiteboard. Don’t leave it as it is, spruce it up using washi tapes and stickers. Coloured sharpies are also great to add a little fun to an otherwise plain board. If you want to be fancy, you can get the mesh mood board which is aesthetically pleasing!

6. Bring In THE Mug

Image: popsugar.com.au

Drinking from a cup or mug that you actually love makes your day a better one. If you got a really interesting one, it can also be a great conversation starter – all it takes is a mug!

7. Cute Stationeries

This may just be an excuse to get really cute stationeries like notebooks, folders, pencils, and pens but they really make one excited about using them. Go matchy-matchy or mix match your favourite ones together, this is a great way to personalise your office desk.