The New Menu At Garage51


Garage51 occupies an former garage lot in Bandar Sunway, where they serve up an array of cheery, hearty, pork-free cafe fare that would be right at home in your favourite Australian suburb. Open from 11 am – 11 pm everyday, you’ll be able to get your cafe fix all day long– though we highly recommend going in the afternoon to make the most of the Melbourne-inspired cafe’s gorgeous ambiance!

In the day, sunlight pours in through the vast glass windows, filling the industrial space with the perfect lighting for your brunch flatlays. And with their dedication to fresh and delicious food, the dishes have a established an enviable reputation for tasting as good as they look. The servings are equally as generous– no skimpy insipid dishes here.

So when we heard there was a new menu in the works, we just had had to go and try it out!

Homemade Granola Bowl With Fresh Berries, Cinnamon Poached Pear & Fresh Milk, RM19

Alya: “I love me some good cereal bowl and this one takes the cake! With the mixture of crunchy homemade granola (so addictive!) and the variety of berries, it’s definitely a party in my mouth. I like that the slight acidity of the pear balances out the sweetness of the rest of the components. You can choose to eat this in the morning for the perfect tummy filler or opt to have it during tea time as dessert for that sweet treat. Vegans or the lactose-intolerant can also choose to swap the pitcher of fresh milk for almond milk! Your pick!”

(Brunch menu items are served until 6pm daily.)

Savoury Pancake With Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, Homemade Granola, Fresh Berries & Maple Syrup, RM20

Yi-Di: “With more of their winning granola, amazingly sweet berries, and lashings of maple syrup, this is a pancake dish that should really work. But although this is listed as a savoury pancake, there were just too many sweet components, making it feel like a traditional sweet dish. While the sour cream was still a pleasant surprise, the sweetness made the smoked salmon feel even more jarring and out of place. The pancakes were perfectly fluffy though! I would order this without the salmon, or devour the rest of their pancake offerings which include less adventurous combinations.”

(Pancakes are served until 6pm daily.)

Burrito Bowl With Grilled Chicken, Spiced Rice, Sweet Corn & Black Beans, RM23

Yi-Di: “This was by far my favourite dish of the day! Chunks of grilled chicken are tossed with satisfyingly spiced tomato rice, corn, and black beans for a dish that’s easily better than most of the Mexican restaurants in town. I was especially impressed by how fresh the beans and corn were, definitely nothing comes from a can here! I’d drive out here just for this, and I’m so glad they’ve put this on both their brunch and dinner menus– I think cafe owner Kar Heng loves it as much as I do!”

(Served all day.)

Fish Stew With Tomato Sauce & Tortilla, RM19

Alya: “This take on the popular Melbournian brunch choice of baked eggs replaces the eggs with fresh meaty chunks of white fish. This stew of rich tomato-ey goodness is best eaten when it’s hot! It’s a good hearty meal to share or if you come in on an empty stomach, cos although it doesn’t look big, it’s incredibly filling. Dipping that warm tortilla in that hot fish stew with the grilled vegetables inside was so satisfying, I didn’t mind having seconds of this Mexican-inspired dish. Anyone want to share with me?”

(Brunch menu items are served until 6pm daily.)

Toast With Hash Brown, Poached Egg, Beef Salami, Roasted Cherry Tomato, Enokitake Mushrooms, RM16

Alya: “This to me looks like a deconstructed sandwich of sorts. There are a bit more carbs than necessary for my taste with the hash brown and the bread. I thought it would be a bit dry since it didn’t come with any accompanying sauce. That being said, the perfect runny yolk acted like butter to soften the bread and binds the whole dish together.. The roasted cherry tomatoes and the corn were a nice sweet touch to the dish.”

(Brunch menu items are served until 6pm daily.)