Malaysian Women Reveal The Sexiest Thing A Guy Has Done For Them


Guys, listen up! Sometimes the little things do matter most.

To be honest, not ALL of us are hard to please. There are more ways than one (that doesn’t require sex) to put a smile on our faces. Need proof? Well, we had 15 Malaysian women reveal what they think is the sexiest thing their partner (or any man for that matter) has ever done for them.

1. “At the top of my head, it would be when he surprised me with a hand written poem for no occasion.” – *Yee Wen, 25

2. “I appreciate it when my boyfriend doesn’t hog the radio the entire journey when we are on a road trip. It’d be nice if he plays some of my fave songs in between too.” – *Samantha, 23

3. “He bought me a vibrator once cos I told him I wanted to spice things up in bed.” – *Clarissa, 26

4. “It gives me butterflies in my tummy every time he grabs me by the waist (or hug me from behind) in public. It’s like he’s proud to call me his.” – *Lizzy, 24

5. “I think it’s sexy when he tells people the story of how we met.” – *Nor Adira, 27

6. “All he needs to do is work out in front of me. Extra points if he does it shirtless.” – *Jess, 25

7. “I’d have to say when he washes my car as if it’s his own. Now that’s HOT.” – *Caryen, 26

8. “My fiancé gives me massages before bedtime (I love it more especially after a tiring day at work)!” – *Sze Yinn, 27

9. “When he says cheesy things like ‘Let’s shower together to save water.’ I mean you save on water bill and enjoy some sexy time together. How can a girl say no to that?” – *Jodee, 28

10. “I love to see my boyfriend take care of baby animals (or human babies). Trust me, it’s hard for our ovaries to handle that level of cuteness.”– *Divya, 25