10 Things Men Want Women To Understand


Here’s a hint: Forget all the stereotypes about men being simple, single-minded creatures. In this Reddit thread asking men what they wish women understood , they deliver some practical and sometimes harsh yet funny truths.

You ready? Here’s what men want you to understand.

Yep, this one comes up a lot in the thread. It turns out if a man says he’s thinking about nothing, he’s really literally not thinking about anything. There isn’t anything wrong with him! Or you!


…But that’s not to say that there aren’t times where men don’t struggle with their own issues too. In many cultures, boys are encouraged not to be too emotionally affected by anything – or show their emotions even if they are.


This is just super sweet. We’ve been conditioned to think that men aren’t as concerned with their self-image as women are, but honestly, a little compliment makes everyone feel good.


You should still clean up if you miss though!


I learned something new today.


This is great advice for anyone in a relationship. Be kind in your perceptions of your partner and give him the benefit of the doubt – why would he want to hurt you on purpose?


Everybody is wired differently, and some people just need their alone time. It’s not because he doesn’t love you and your company, but for some, needing space is as natural as needing to sleep.




Also awww.


Of course, it’s important to remember that not all men work the same way and want the same things. If you’re wondering what your man wants, it’s best to just ask him and have an open conversation. After all, that’s part and parcel of a relationship – getting to know the person you love. And these answers certainly don’t apply to all men.

Except for maybe this point: