5 Different Types Of Hugs You Give And What They All Mean


Hugs are something that either gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside or an awkward encounter with someone you barely know. But today we’re talking about the best kind of hugs – ones that are given or received by someone close to you. The simple gesture is an understated action to show love or affection to another person.

When you think about hugs there are a couple of ways you can go about it than your typical face-to-face, arms-around-each-other hugs. Here we’ve narrowed down five of the most common type of hugs that you’ve probably experienced and their meaning.

1. Spooning

Spooning is when a person embraces the other from the back and they fit together like spoons. If you’re the big spoon (hugger) you make the other person feel safe and you would give your all to protect your partner. On the other hand, if you’re the little spoon (receiver), you want to feel safe and be protected by your partner.

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2. Face-To-Face

This position shows the high level of intimacy you and your partner or friends posses. The chest-to-chest hug indicates that you two are open and want to be open with each other. Don’t you just love a good bear hug?

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3. Bodies Intertwine

You have a sense to one to become one with each other and work as one unit in the relationship.

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4. Lying On Their Chest 

Love lying on top of your partner’s chest? Then you are more likely to rely on your partner a lot cos they make you feel secure. If your partner’s head is on your chest that means you’re the leader in the relationship. The act shows that you’re strong, will-powered and you’re the rock in the relationship.

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5. Back-To-Back 

This shows that you both want to have your own time and space but the tiny to a zilch gap between your backs tells that you both want to be connected despite the position. The small physical touch display you love and affection to one another even though you’re apart or need some room to breathe.

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Which of the hug is your favourite? Let us know 🙂