10 Best Breakfast Places in Bangsar

These gorgeous breakfast dishes makes us wish it was morning all the time

Shun the heavy breakfast for something lighter? Their display of muffins, cakes, and cookies will have you drooling all over their counter. Don’t worry, we totally would too!

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-antipodean_coffee_muffins_cookiesCoffee, muffins, and cookies, that’s all the major food groups covered


Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Chun Heong in Lucky Garden
Join the morning rush at crowded old-school kopitiam, Chun Heong.
Bustling with activity, there’s everything from economy rice to pork ball noodles

And when in a kopitiam, there’s nothing better to have than the classic kaya and butter toast (RM1.50), a simple breakfast which Chun Heong does fantastically. With a generous slather of butter with sweet kaya on crispy yet fluffy toasted bread, we wouldn’t mind having this all day, every day!

Pair the kaya and butter toast with a hot milk tea (RM1.50) or kopi peng (RM2) and you have a breakfast for champions. Just look at that hunk of butter!

That’s not all, with hawker stalls packed together like sardines in a can, there’s a whole variety of local favourites to choose from. From the dim sum and pan mee to chicken rice and curry mee, you wouldn’t know where to start!

Their curry mee is famous too. Salty and not too spicy, mint leaves, cockles, and fish balls add even more oomph to the bowl


Delicious halal Chinese food finds a comfortable home in Restoran Berjaya with excellent pork-free renditions of well-loved Chinese fare like wantan mee (RM6.50) and curry mee (RM6.50). The latter had a spicy broth that was rich and thick, the mee hoon soaking up all the creamy soup.

The bihun in the curry mee was springy and chewy, just the way we like it

Thin and springy, the wantan mee was coated in a savoury soy sauce that wasn’t too salty. Shredded chicken meat and a couple of fried prawn wantans complemented the noodles perfectly! The wantan mee stall also does a mean dry curry noodles!

While the wantan mee was good, the deep fried wantan in the soup turned out too soggy for our liking

Those who prefer their caffeine in the form of tea will love their teh tarik (RM2).

Restoran Berjaya’s teh tarik was one of the best ones we’ve had

Frothy and creamy, we came very close to shaking our coffee addiction for this delicious cup of tea!


Pulp takes their coffee very seriously. Boasting a selection of beans sourced from prime locations all over the world, the coffee here can be brewed in any way imaginable.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-pulp_exterior‘A city that deserves great coffee’, no truer words have been mentioned

Their long black is thick, smooth, and strong; the perfect wake up call (it was more of a kick though). If hot coffee doesn’t do it for you, there’s the cold brew, pleasant with fruity notes.

Be it the aroma or taste, we just can’t explain our long-standing affair with coffee

There’s also a selection of sweet cakes and savoury pies to go with their excellent coffee. We liked their Brit Bonkers, a hearty, beefy filling encased in a thin, doughy crust, a filling morning snack to last till lunchtime.

best-breakfast-in-bangsar-pulp_brit-bonkers-and-pastries-collageFrom savoury to sweet, Pulp has delicious offerings to go along with great coffee