5 Top Easy Pasta Recipes to Know by Heart


The whole beauty of the pasta dish is that it’s relatively easy to make one that is nutritious, tastes good, and customisable to your own palate! We’ve put together our top five pasta recipes ranging from a spicy creamy kimchi pasta to a superfood-fuelled avocado pesto!

Ever wanted pasta without the bother of making the sauce separately? Try our viral one pot pastarecipe – made with streaky bacon, cherry tomatoes, pitted black olives, and fresh baby spinach too!

We put a Korean twist on this humble Italian dish, using traditional Bolognese sauce as a sweet base to temper the spicy zing of the kimchi. But feel free to heap on the kimchi! This creamy kimchi pasta recipe also calls for minced chicken as protein,and chopped olives for an added dimension of flavour.


All you bacon-ators are gonna love this simple recipe! We bet you it will only take 10 minutes to create our super easy mint and bacon pasta–matched with sizzling bacon and sausages (any kind will do, though we prefer pork), as well as some lemon zest and chicken stock powder to amp up the flavours!

If you happen to be a vegetarian, or if you just want a healthy alternative to oily dishes, then you should definitely try our avocado pesto pasta. Packed full with this amazing superfood, our recipe makes an ideal tasty and healthy vegetarian meal when you crave for simplicity!

Our sardine and seaweed pasta brings the best of the sea all into a single bowl! Whip up this simple and wholesome pasta in less than ten minutes for a briny, tasty dish that you won’t be able to get enough of. The secret is in the seasoning – mayo, sesame oil, olive oil, and sesame seeds really packs a punch in this dish!