Modern Chinese dishes at Front Line Cuisine


Located in Kota Damansara by The Strand, Front Line Cuisine aims to put a new perspective on authentic Chinese dishes in a classic, modern setting. Opened in late December of last year, Front Line has a beautiful, clean space with stark black tablecloths, a rustic chandelier, and black and white watercolour paintings, holding a capacity of 40 plus diners with another eight in the private room. At a glance, you might mistake their restaurant as one that serves Western cuisine, but it is a pleasant surprise to see traditional Chinese dishes laid out in contrasting blue and white tableware instead.

With an incredible 71 items on the menu, Front Line Cuisine serves mainly Szechuan and Shanghainese food, though dishes from various regions in China are also featured. There are also 20 fusion dishes unique to the restaurant, including items such as steamed scallop with vermicelli, deep-fried pork with homemade sauce, and salted egg pumpkin.

To start with, diners can choose between seven cold appetisers, though Front Line’s most popular item is the boiled pork (RM28) served with slivers of cucumber on a hanging contraption, with chili oil on the side as a dipping sauce. The cucumbers add a refreshing crunch to the otherwise oily snack, but the chili adds a spicy kick to the dish.

Next, we highly recommend Front Line’s pickled cabbage and chili soup (RM48) with tender slices of fish. The mix is a spicy, sour, and salty concoction that’s perfect for whetting the appetite. The fish is boiled in the soup to soak up all those lovely flavours, and each morsel is so smooth it’ll slide right down your throat with a single slurp.

One of the bestselling dishes in Front Line Cuisine is their Shanghai-style imitation crab (RM23). Served in the shape of a yin yang, the steamed dish is actually made of eggs in two colours. The yellow side has a stronger flavour than the white, tasting almost like bisque, while the white side has the sweetness of fresh crab meat. You’ll be surprised to find that there’s no crab meat in this dish at all!

Something to suit everyone’s palate, the sautéed sliced fish in liquor (RM48) with black fungus is a clean-tasting dish that is simple, yet packed full of flavour. Lean slices of fish are matched with smooth black fungus, swirled in an egg-based broth. We highly recommend eating this with a hot, steaming bowl of rice.

Another bestseller is the twice-cooked spicy pork (RM22), paired with green chilies, red chilies, and leeks too! The slices of pork are first marinated with Front Line’s special sauce, then stir-fried and deep-fried again for crunchy edges and a spicy, salty flavour that’s fully-infused.

These scrumptious crayfish are a signature dish at Front Line Cuisine, cooked in a special in-house broth, made with several Chinese spices and chilies including the addictive, mouth-numbing ma la! These delicious morsels are available for 12 and 20 diners, priced at RM58 and RM78 respectively for lunch, and RM65 and RM88 for dinner.

Last but not least, don’t forget to indulge on dessert before you go! Front Line has perfected their desserts so that they only serve two kinds: purple taro in hot toffee (RM18) and soft smoothie coconut ice cream (RM15), though the latter tends to be more popular with diners. This snowy shaved ice mountain is a creamy dessert that’s not too creamy, but with a substantial coconut flavour.

Front Line Cuisine is now available to book on HungryGoWhere, and they will even host events and parties with a special menu for their loyal customers on weekdays. Take advantage of their imported Chinese wines and red wines too, for a delicious authentic Chinese meal that you won’t soon forget.