nmbr™ – The ultimate ultra-thin MacBook accessory


What is nmbr™?

nmbr™ is there when you need it, and virtually invisible when you don’t. That is – your trackpad is still a track pad no matter what.


Inputting data on the standard numerical row can be time consuming and tedious – especially when dealing with a large some of data. It almost seems like you have to move miles across your keyboard back and forth in order to type each digit. On top of all of that, your attention has to focus on where your fingers are going to press, instead of on the important information you’re inputting. That’s why we invented nmbr™.

The nmbr™ Keypad was created to make your life easier and simpler when inputting data into your important documents and programs; however, we wanted to do more than that.

Because nmbr is partially based on hardware and partially based on software, we thought everything out to make the most out of your trackpad. With nmbr™, using single and multi-touch gestures allow you to access the necessary apps and websites faster than ever, making sure you spend less time clicking and more time being productive.

More than just a number pad

Crafted out of crystal clear, ultra-thin, tempered glass, the nmbr™ Keypad is great for all users; even those of us who don’t really crunch numbers on the daily. nmbr™ is jam packed with features that can help make your laptop smarter, more powerful, and more workflow efficient.


Become Faster

Improve your typing speed by using a familiar layout with one hand. Users type 3 times faster and move 70% less when using the nmbr™ keypad as compared to the standard number row on a laptop.

Gesture Control

With gestures, nmbr™ takes your mouse movements to a whole other level. Swipe up and inwards from the bottom right corner to quickly rocket to your favorite website. Program up to 9 different websites designated to each digit on the keypad. Once your finger is over the website you want to go to, simply lift and you’re off towards the wonders of the web.

Do even more

Website shortcuts aren’t the extent of the nmbr™ Keypad’s ability. Quickly toggle Bluetooth™ and WiFi radios from the top of your trackpad. Swipe in from the top left and access the calculator for a quick computation. Best of all, when you want to hide any program, swipe down on the nmbr™ logo on the keypad to quickly hide it.

 How does it work?

Magic! Just kidding – however, it looks as cool as magic doesn’t it? The nmbr™ Keypad is as aesthetically beautiful as it is sophisticated. No wires are needed and no hardware needs to be swapped out. Just simply place it over your MacBook’s trackpad and launch the nmbr™ app. Using algorithms the nmbr app knows precisely where you are pressing on the keypad and inputs the correct data. It truly is magic.


The nmbr™ Keypad is extremely simple to apply and remove and can be installed in less than 30 seconds. Simply clean your trackpad with an alcohol wipe (provided), peel back the film, and apply it to your trackpad where it’ll fit exactly with laser precision. You can remove and reapply it as many times as you like – that means you can even re-apply it on a different computer, wherever you may be working as long as you download the app to your computer.

With modern Ion-exchange technology, the nmbr™ keypad allows air to escape from under – Meaning there will never be an air bubbles guaranteed.

Competitive Comparison
Competitive Comparison



Developed in the US

The nmbr™ Keypad was developed in the US.

**The nmbr™ Keypad Fits all MacBook Pro/Air/Normal with or without the touch bar. We guarantee your satisfaction no matter what.