The Visual MBA Sketchnotes

Two years of business school lectures all captured in one fun, visual, book for anyone looking to experience an MBA faster than ever.



Whether you’ve never been to business school, already attended, or are in a program currently, I created this book with you in mind. Each chapter is an individual class packed with concepts that are visually rich and clearly explained to help you dive even deeper.


With this book you will learn how to come up with great ideas, launch a startup, connect with customers, read financial statements, motivate employees, advance your career, and much more.


“Jason has expertly captured the concepts of business and has simmered them into a beautiful, yet potent visual book that shares the ideas of business in a way that anyone can understand them. What a fantastic resource!”

-Mike Rohde, international bestselling author of The Sketchnote Handbook, and The Sketchnote Workbook


Front & Back cover:

Example page:

 Table of contents:


Project Needs

Editing and printing a full color book is expensive. In order to get a head start I already paid to have the book edited so I could get it printed more quickly. I have all the files ready to go to the printer. This project will help cover those editing costs along with the printing of the full color book.

Once this project is funded and I know how many copies to order from the printer I will submit the request to get them printed right away.

You will love this book and I hope we can reach the funding goal to get it printed! Thank you for your support!