PolarSeal Heated Tops

Warmth at the touch of a button. Superlight, smart heated tops for men and women, designed for sports and comfort in adventure.


POLAR SEAL heated smart tops bring you heat at the touch of a button.

Designed to be super lightweight, flexible, and breathable, POLAR SEAL tops come in a range of colors and sizes in distinct MENs and WOMENs cuts. POLAR SEAL can give you heat for up to 8 hours, which means you can go a full day in the cold without feeling chilly.

You can activate heating in your lower back and upper back separately or simultaneously to fit your needs and comfort. Our color coded heating zone button allows you to adjust zone settings easily.

From the button controls, adjust the heating to the temperature level that feels best. POLAR SEAL’s color coded temperature control buttons allow you to tell what heating level you are on at a glance, and make adjustments in seconds.

When using a standard 10,000 mAh power bank and set on the highest heating level and with both heated zones activated, POLAR SEAL can give you heat for up to 8 hours. This means you can go a full day on in the cold or on the slopes without feeling chilly.

POLAR SEAL is compatible with standard USB power banks. This gives you the freedom to choose the power bank that suits your needs and taste, or use USB power banks you already might own.

You will start feeling the warmth of your POLAR SEAL within seconds after turning it on.

Embedded between two ultra thin dissipation layers, the heating element is fully integrated into the garment. This unique design makes POLAR SEAL flexible and breathable.

POLAR SEAL is water resistant. You won’t have to worry about playing around in the snow, hiking, or jogging under the rain. POLAR SEAL can also be hand washed and washed with detergent.

Specially designed, the POLAR SEAL buttons are engineered to endure shocks and hits without changes to the settings.

At the same time, the POLAR SEAL buttons are reactive enough to be operated with gloves on, which means that you can adjust your heating preferences from the ski chairlift, on the slopes, or anywhere without having to remove any gear.

We sent our second-generation prototypes to our friends in California who used the POLAR SEAL during several days of winter sports and activities. From their experience and feedback, we further fine-tuned the product to perfect it for Alpine Conditions. Check out our main video to see the backflips and other ski and snowboard tricks performed wearing the POLAR SEAL.

POLAR SEAL fabrics are composed of 92% polyester and 8% elastane, making the garment warm, breathable, comfortable, and flexible, ideal for most outdoor sports activities.

POLAR SEAL garments can also be used for jogging, hiking, biking, or just walking.

POLAR SEAL is available in distinct Men’s and Women’s cuts in a range of colors and sizes.


Although the POLAR SEAL looks very sleek and minimalist, it is jam packed with many tiny details that make all the difference.

The POLAR SEAL zip top also includes thumb holes for very cold days and an extra pocket that you can use to carry your smartphone, wallet, or even a spare power bank.

Traveling to another state, the mountains, or abroad this winter? Stay warm with your POLAR SEAL zip top, your ideal travel companion.







Together, the POLAR SEAL Team members have over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing consumer electronic products throughout the world, ranging from IoT products to GPS devices and other appliances. Francois, the CEO is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in new product development and product compliance. Our COO Piko’s expertize in dealing with factories and managing production has given here an in-depth know-how of how to efficiently manage production, coordinate the supply chain, and bring new products to market. Our CTO Sebastien has a background in user experience design and computer science. Queenie, our Logistic Manager, is in charge of parts procurements and shipments. We are confident that with our complimentary set of skills and experience that POLAR SEAL will be produced and shipped on time. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at information@polarseal.me.

Once the Kickstarter campaign is completed, we will send you a survey asking you to select the gender, color, and size, for each of the Polar Seal top(s) that you will have pledged.

Customs Duties and Sales Taxes (including but not limited to VAT and GST) costs are not included in these prices and should be borne by the backer (when applicable).


Choosing your size is pretty easy. If you follow the instructions carefully, your Polar Seal will fit you perfectly. Still, if upon receipt you find out that you did not select the right size, no worries, we will exchange you the product (same gender and color). All you will have to do is sending us the Zip Top within 30 days of receipt, and pay for the two way shipping cost.

Labor & Components:

We provide a one-year guaranty on the components & workmanship of the heating elements. Should they break or stop functioning within 12 months upon receipt, and once we have determined that these elements are defective solely as a result of a manufacturing defect, we will supply you a replacement unit at no charge (including delivery) or refund you, as per the Warranty terms and conditions found at www.polarseal.me/warranty.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to email us at management@polarseal.me

This project is promoted by Jellop, a direct­ response online advertising agency specializing in Kickstarter campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.
This project is promoted by Jellop, a direct­ response online advertising agency specializing in Kickstarter campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.