One tent system, Every possibility: Crua Clan

Lightweight Hiking Tent + Insulated Cocoon + Air-Framed Living Space: Use individually or together for the ultimate outdoors experience


Let’s face it, we don’t use our various pieces of outdoor gear nearly enough. Take our tents for example. A hiking tent won’t do when you need more space. And large tents aren’t mobile. And for biking? Fishing, Kayaking? Summer? Winter? Individual needs and weather conditions mean that our gear must change, which means everything remains ‘under-used’.

Well, not any more. We have developed the Crua Clan modular series with the user in mind. Versatility and Quality are key.

  • Use the Crua Duo by itself as a lightweight hiking tent, or
  • Join it to the Crua Core to use as a bedroom
  • Add the Crua Cocoon for an insulated sleeping environment – regulating heat, noise and light
  • Use each tent by themselves at any time, or together when required

The Crua Clan series brings with it a new age in tent design.

Amazing versatility…






You can now use one system to meet all of your camping needs. And with the Crua Clan series of tents you can be sure that you have an answer for every trip, in any weather. Remember, our insulated Crua Cocoon will:

  • Keep you cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter
  • Muffle noise transfer in and out of the tent
  • Block light from getting in (you can allow some light in if preferred through vents and door)

Make your own Clan system as big or as small as you like…



Crua Clan
Crua Clan


Crua Clan
Crua Clan



Reward Summary
Reward Summary

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 The thought process behind the design…


Crua Clan dimensions & weights, and Crua Core easy set-up and features…

Crua Duo easy setup and features…

Crua Duo connection & Crua Cocoon easy setup with features…